Maties Shuttle Service: Reliable and Convenient

Stellenbosch University launched the Maties Shuttle Service earlier this year, in an attempt to relieve the lack of parking on main campus. Students are encouraged to park their cars at Coetzenburg or Lentelus (near Goldfields), where after they can hitch a ride with the Maties Shuttle Service to main campus. Die Matie (Stellenbosch's student newspaper) sent one of their journalists, Kyle Smith, for the ride.

So, you wake up on Thursday morning, after studying until the early hours of the morning for that class test in your 8am class. But now you’ve overslept and you only have 45 minutes to get to your class. You make it to campus in 40 minutes – just in time! But where do you park? There is no space anywhere within a kilometre of your class. So what do you do to get to class in time?

A new University initiative has a simple solution. Maties Shuttles will transport you to campus after you parked your car at Coetzenburg or at Lentelus. The Coetzenburg route takes you down to Victoria Street (via Bosman) and back – best for BComm students. The Goldfields route takes you past the Engineering faculty via Joubert Street and back.

So, I set out to give the shuttle a test run. I arrived at Coetzenburg at 7:20. The shuttles run daily from 07:30 to 17:00. I found parking very easily. I then jumped onto the relatively empty shuttle, provided my student number, and jumped off on Victoria Street in less than 10 minutes. It was as easy as that!

Speaking to some of the other students on the shuttle, I was told that the shuttles are very convenient and that, if you live off campus, it makes the commute to main campus very easy. Students confirmed that the shuttles are also very reliable and the drivers are punctual. They did add that not a lot of students are currently using this service.

If you are struggling to find parking on campus, make use of this new shuttle service. You will also be reducing your carbon footprint! The sustainability of campus has just begun, so jump on the bandwagon and come along for the ride!