How to apply for your programme

Where on earth does one start?

You are certainly not the only one asking this question and feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. However, if you are informed about which steps to follow (a checklist to tick of what you need to do always works wonders), it can be very easy and painless.

The University makes its offical application form available in two formats: an electronic application form and a paper application form. Your first step (after, of course, making an informed decision about which programme you want to study) is to decide which application method you prefer.

Applying with the electronic form

If you have an e-mail address (so that the University can electronically communicate with you) this is a convenient and quick way to apply. You can go to the web portal and apply online by following the prompts.

Applying with the paper form

Application forms are available from the Enquiries desk  in the foyer of Administrative Building 
Administration A: On the corner of Victoria and Ryneveld Streets

When will you get your student number?

When the University processes your formal application for admission, it will assign you a unique student number for identification purposes. This number will remain your student number at Matieland for the rest of your life. Once you have been informed of your student number, you will be required to quote it in all future communication with the University, when applying for bursaries, and also when you register at the start of the academic year.

Application fees

  • When applying through the Internet you can settle the application fee at the same time.
  • When using the paper form, you should ensure that the required application fee mentioned on the front page of the form accompanies the application by cheque or postal order, or a deposit slip in case of an electronic transfer.

For more details on how to apply, study the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus 2013