BCom (Management Accounting)


Admission requirements 


This programme helps you to qualify one day as a chartered management accountant. With this qualification you can become a management accountant or a financial manager. As a management accountant you will be involved in, for instance, costing studies for the development of new products and you will participate in decisions taken on new investment opportunities. 


The training of chartered management accountants 


The internationally recognised professional accounting qualification of the chartered management accountant is obtained by passing the examinations of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), which has its head office in London, and thereafter by meeting the standards it sets for practical experience. The CIMA syllabus emphasises not only the financial skills required of an accountant, but also the ability to interpret and use financial information in order to play a key role in the management of any business or organisation. 


The BCom (Management Accounting) programme, as taught at this University, enjoys the recognition of CIMA. If you obtain the BCom (Management Accounting) degree at Stellenbosch University, you may receive exemption from at least seven of the 15 CIMA examinations (at the discretion of CIMA). 


If you go on to obtain the BComHons (Management Accounting) degree, you will currently receive exemption from at least nine of the 15 CIMA examinations (at the discretion of CIMA).