BEd (General Education)

Admission requirements 


During this full-time BEd programme, which runs over four years, you are trained to be a teacher of learners in the Foundation phase (from Grade R to 3). The programme has a set structure and consists of academic and professional subjects. From the first year, Teaching and Learning form an important part of the programme. 


The subjects of this programme are set, and cover the theory and practice of all the learning programmes from Grade R to 3. In the first year you take subjects presented by the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Consult the Faculty’s 2015 Calendar, Part 6, or the website for more information about the programme’s curriculum. 


Since this is a programme that culminates in a degree, it gives you access to the Faculty’s postgraduate degree programmes up to doctoral level. See postgraduate programmes




• Applications close on 30 June. 

• There are places for 240 students (120 for the Foundation phase and 120 for the Intermediate phase). Of these places, 70 are reserved for previously disadvantaged students, and 20 for discretionary cases. 

• 150 places are allocated according to best average performance in the Grade 11 final examinations or Grade 12 final examinations if these have already been sat for. These placements will be divided between the two programmes. 

• Priority is given to the processing of applications from candidates with an average of 70% or above. 

• For more information, consult our selection guidelines


Admission requirements 


• Write the National Benchmark Test AQL 

• An aggregate of at least 55% for the NSC or IEB (excluding Life Orientation) 

• Mathematics 3 OR Mathematical Literacy 5 


Learners who were taught through the medium of English: 

• English (Home Language or First Additional Language) 5 

• Afrikaans OR Xhosa (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4 


Learners who were taught through the medium of Afrikaans: 

• Afrikaans (Home Language or First Additional Language) 5 

• English OR Xhosa (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4 


Admission requirements for the old Matriculation Certificate 


For the admission requirements relating to the old Matriculation Certificate (prior to 2008), contact our Client Services Centre at 021 808 9111.