BSc in Earth Sciences


South Africa, a mineral-rich country with a fascinating geological history, is the ideal work environment for any geologist. Our practical and theoretical training in, for instance, mineralogy, petrology and geo-environmental science, ensures that our students are sought after in the industry. Completing this programme will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills that will qualify you to practise as a professional geologist. The degree also leads to postgraduate studies. 


First year: Chemistry, Geo-environmental Science, Earth Science Field Skills, Computer Skills, and Scientific Communication Skills, in conjunction with a choice of modules in Biology, Mathematics, Mathematics (Bio), Physics or Physics (Bio).  


Second year: Geology, Earth Science Field Skills, Computer Skills, and Environmental Geochemistry are compulsory. Electives include Biology, Chemistry, Geographical Information Technology, Geography, and Environmental Studies.  


Third year: A variety of elective modules that follows from second year are to be taken along with compulsory modules in Geology, Earth Science Field Skills, and Computer Skills. 


Honours year: You may focus on Applied Geology or Environmental Geochemistry. 


With the broad basis of earth science knowledge and skills imparted by these focal options, graduates will be in the front line for a challenging national or international career in mining, exploration, applied mineralogy and environmental science. Possible employers are the Council for Geoscience; Mintek; the CSIR; the wide-ranging South African mining, mineral processing and exploration industries; and a variety of local and international geological and environmental science consultancies. 


See curriculum for BSc in Earth Science. 


See admission and selection. 


Admission requirements 


• Write the National Benchmark Tests AQL and MAT  

• Afrikaans or English (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4 

• Physical Sciences 4 


If you take Mathematics and Physics as university subjects, then also: 

• Mathematics 6 


If you take Mathematics (Bio) and Physics (Bio) as university subjects, then also: 

• Mathematics 5